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First of all, we would like to thank you for visiting our website and getting acquainted with the services provided by the Financial and Legal Expertise House.

We are always keen to provide our customers with the best services, out of our excessive concern for the benefit of our current and future customers.

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We would like to inform you of the capabilities and expertise of the Financial and Legal Expertise House and some of the services that we provide to our clients.

This is because we uniquely achieve the best results and goals that our customers want in the fastest possible time and we meet their needs with our motto (Yes. We can help you).

Founded in 2003 and our first and last goal was to serve our customers with confidence and honesty, maintain customer secrets, and develop and develop customers.

We specialize in the financial, administrative and legal aspects, so as to satisfy our customers, so imagine that only one company carries out financial, administrative and legal affairs for you, which will ease you in dealing and reduce the risks of multiple companies and preserve the secrets of your organization or company.

As a result of the distinguished progress around the world related to the integration of the local market and the international market and the conclusion of treaties between different countries, which affects the requirements of investors in the Egyptian market in financial and economic activities, including skills, high-level services and product development to compete in the global market and reduce costs To face the fierce competition in the international market for products, services and local manufacturing, which made the financial and legal expertise house ready to provide aid and expertise in facing foreign competition for the global market. We also provide our services to the foreign investor in establishing and terminating licenses, preparing residency and ending all transactions to establish a company or Factory, service company or others in the least time and cost.

And since the Financial and Legal Expertise House currently provides many economic services that work to improve the entire society, then we have to explain these services, including some areas that affect our economic life, such as establishing companies – issuing licenses in all their forms – accounting – – auditing – Insurances – taxes – intellectual property – and all legal disputes – experience, valuation, feasibility studies and other services, and when you visit the services section, all our services will be available to you and a simple and comprehensive explanation for each service.

Whatch out

Law No. 91 of 2005
Make the penalty for submitting a declaration based on artificial books and records or submitting it on the basis of the absence of the above, fabricating or altering purchase or sale invoices, intentionally destroying accounting records or documents, or concealing part of them is imprisonment for a period of 6 months and not more than 5 years and a fine Equivalent to the same tax or one of these two penalties.

Foreign Exchange

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Financial Advisor

The financial advisor has many responsibilities, as he, for example, and not exclusively, provides financial and investment advice, controls production costs, market analysis and financing for the facility, with the aim of assisting decision-makers in the facility and to clarify the vision to the right-holders in following up on the budget and position The financial institution.


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The financial advisor researches and analyzes the commercial and financial markets from several sources and provides the facility with the appropriate data and plans and informs them of any changes that may occur that may affect their savings or investments. Therefore, he must stay informed of the latest developments and developments in various financial – and economic – and legislation – to clients in order to help Investors in developing financial, investment and legal plans.

In fact, the tasks multiply according to each goal, in addition to some other duties that the financial advisor performs such as:

-Negotiate with financial product providers to arrive at the best possible price.

-Coordination with general managers and financial service providers (banks).

-Coordination with other professions such as real estate brokers – lawyers – residents.

-Adhering to the organizational aspects of the work, such as providing explanations about the costs of the services provided and the recommended financial products.

Tax advisor

One of the most important jobs in large companies that provide financial and accounting advice, as it undertakes the implementation of a full range of tax services in accordance with the laws and special regulations followed in the country of the client, and sets a timeframe for that, provides clients with tax advice and supervises the review of various returns.

And directing the client and organizing and monitoring the tax accounting department in companies or institutions.

The Legal Profession

The concept of the legal profession

 It is a profession based on providing assistance to natural and legal persons in fulfilling their rights, assisting in work in accordance with the laws followed in all fields, defending the rights of others, and providing legal awareness to citizens of their rights and duties.

The legal profession is a profession of secrecy and honor. Those who work in it have no right to divulge the secrets of their clients. They have trusted him and put their trust in him, and the practice of the legal profession is governed by the law.

That is why no one can deny that legal counsel is necessary to achieve justice. Therefore, Solon says that: “It is not possible to imagine a judgment without a defender or a judgment without a defense.

Financial Programs

The acquisition of an accounting program in your company has become an urgent necessity because of its great benefits in managing the company’s business, monitoring its accounts, and providing accurate reports to help decision-makers in their work, and most accounting programs have evolved to become more flexible to accommodate most of the existing activities from small activities such as management A commercial store for larger activities such as managing large companies, and the prices for the acquisition of these programs have become within the reach of most companies, and the Office of the Financial and Legal Expertise has the (Magic)
As one of the largest accounting programs, which is characterized by the following:
Speed ​​of delivery.
High carrying capacity.
Accuracy and flexibility of reports.
Information Security.
Save information from loss or damage.

Investors’ Vision

Bill Gates’ vision for African investment:
The vision of the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, in investment:
The countries of the African continent face many challenges, which he monitored during his work on the continent, indicating their need for a development vision that would give their youth hope.

In his speech during the 32nd African Summit, he added that the situation in Africa requires a vision so that these young people feel at home, explaining that the Africa Vision 2063 includes many positive items such as the inauguration of infrastructure, transportation and communication networks, but the main element will be the human resource, experience and people who They will study and carry out these actions.
He explained that the (Bill Gates) Foundation has invested $ 15 billion in the health sector in Africa to fight disease and poverty, stressing the importance of human capital and investing in it so that Africa can face its challenges.
He pointed to the African Union’s ability to establish a next generation to lead the continent, adding that successes have been achieved in several countries, such as Rwanda, Ethiopia, Nigeria and South Africa, to reduce diseases such as tuberculosis and AIEDS.

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The Origins of Accounting

Whereas the emergence of the first ideas of accounting goes back to the life of the first man, who depended on applying the idea of ​​bartering between goods in order to obtain his basic needs; As the commercial operations that were applied at that time are considered to be limited and few, and the actual use of accounting principles dates back to the era of the emergence of money, which was characterized by the use of currencies as a main commercial method that spread among people quickly, and the mathematician (Basilo) is the first to contribute to the development of a system. Accounting in the year 1494 AD, and then accounting spread greatly with the development in the fields of industry and commerce, which became an important part of people’s lives.

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The importance of accounting The importance of accounting is summarized in the following:
1- It is considered a means of providing financial information to management and employees so that they can take appropriate economic decisions.
2- It is considered an administrative and legal proof of all events during the specified financial period, which is called (the fiscal year).
3- It is used as a main method for preparing accounting financial statements, such as: income list, and financial position.
4- Helping to provide information about external individuals who deal directly with the facility, such as clients and creditors.

Advisory Management

It is an aid tool for companies and institutions in which there is a deviation in the course of implementation of the company’s strategic plan, meaning in the event of a deviation from the course planned by the higher management of the company and according to the policy announced by them, and in the event that it is not properly implemented, the specialized consultancy offices are used to evaluate the performance. And the classification of jobs and the restructuring of the establishment again, and this procedure takes place in the event that the company is unable to make this evaluation or if the establishment wants to restructure it and classify the jobs and analyze them again.

Reaching Success

If you want to achieve a goal or do something, you must possess the keys to doing this or achieving this goal, as well as success in life. Whatever goals you seek to achieve, there are four keys that you must possess, which are considered as the secrets of success in life.

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The first key to achieving success in life is:
Determine the exact goal that you seek to achieve and the way in which you will achieve it, as you own the first success in life. The second key to success in life is:
Determine the specified time period.
The third key to being successful in life is:
Implementing the desired goal plan project into a tangible reality, developing plans and steps for their plans, respectively, in order to reach the desired goal.
The fourth key to achieving success in life is:
Perseverance and representation in implementing the stage plan until achieving the goal, facing the obstacles that may prevent the achievement of this goal, and not giving in to despair.


The most important question that many people may ask now is: What are the most important and best ways to invest money?
Therefore, we will address in more depth the practical side of the investment process, which is ways to invest money.

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At the outset, I would like to tell you the story of the life of a man who was able to make a huge fortune through investment.
(Warren Buffett), an American businessman, one of the ten richest men in the world, with an estimated net worth of 86.6 billion dollars.
Everyone might expect that a man like this made his fortune through inheritance, or trading in oil and banking as one of the most important investment forces that achieve huge profits.
But (Warren Buffett) relied on a simpler and smarter method at the same time, so his investment was based on buying shares in companies that he believed were worth more than their value, and he invested in many companies that achieved enormous profits for him after several years, and perhaps the most important of them is the brand Well-known brand “Coca-Cola”.
Buffett started working at a young age by selling juices and baked goods, and although his family already owned a company, he was able to rely on himself in the field of investment, and he built his own brand, after he decided to leave work in his father’s company as an employee For investments due to disagreements with partners.
Buffett laid out a lot of principles for new investors that I advise you to research, and take advantage of this great investor’s mentality.

Business Planning

Business planning is extremely important as follows:
Planning is necessary due to change:
All institutions must plan in order to reach their goals and objectives, and the more people enter into estimating future events, the greater the possibility of uncertainty and uncertainty, and the greater the uncertainty involved in the future, the greater the possible alternatives and the lower the degree of uncertainty. The march cannot set its goals and stop at that point, but rather has to know about future conditions and expected results.
Planning focuses attention on the goals of the institution, planning focuses on accomplishing the events that the institution seeks and developing a suitable plan for these goals. Future conditions and what guarantees the goals of the institution.

Experience and Valuation

The concept of experience and valuation
Experience and valuation is the estimation of the value of the company’s property subject to consideration and advice regarding the valuation of the property according to the value traded in the market in a certain period, which is the most reliable value in buying and selling among experts.

The importance of valuation
Valuation is one of the most important points that are considered very dangerous because the practice of valuation by non-specialized agencies harms many parties and inflicts oppression on several parties, which weakens the market, as a result of giving the commodity at prices different from its real price and the emergence of randomness in determining the value.