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Experience and Valuation

Valuation / Liquidation / Insolvency Creditor Secretary – Agent –
The Financial and Legal Expertise House has a team of professional appraisers and evaluators, accredited by certified accountants and registering auditors, and specialists in assessing assets and liabilities.
Our long experience in this field and the diverse group of our clients have made us excel in evaluating all businesses, either valuing an enterprise’s assets or appraising / appraising (all) companies of all kinds.
In addition, our role extends to dealing with liquidation of companies (regardless of type), and legal custody / guardianship.
In this case, we become the guardian of these companies in front of their creditors and act on their behalf. We issue liquidation accounts which are legal document of the company after the evaluation process is completed.
Moreover, the Financial and Legal Expertise House uses its expertise, skills, and the expertise of its staff members to find solutions to problems and alternatives to help economic companies get out safely from the bankruptcy crisis.